Savannah Viars, Staff

Next to Wikipedia and Sparknotes, flash drives are a student’s best friend. Unfortunately, they are pretty easy to lose and forget. Luckily this problem will soon be irrelevant due to the recent discovery of a website called Gaggle.

So what are the features of Gaggle? First of all, you can store documents on it in the “digital locker.” This is what functions as the flash drive. You can access the website anywhere, and even download the Gaggle app on iPhones. So like a flash drive, it’s portable. If you need to transfer any documents to anyone else, you can actually email via Gaggle, and then it’s on the receiver’s account. But if you don’t need to send anything to anyone specifically, Gaggle has a tab that allows you to post anything to share publicly. Then other members of Gaggle will be able to view your posts. So basically Gaggle does everything a flash drive does, without actually using the physical flash drive.

In addition to all of that, Gaggle has some other special features. One of those is a calendar. Sounds simple, but you can add dates and deadlines to it which can take the place of a planner. Also, the website has a version of Word Document attached, so if you need to create something new you can. Then you can immediately save it to the website with ease. Lastly, there is a chat room feature. It works the same way Facebook chat would, so the chat room is ideal for those super quick messages you may have about an assignment.

As of now, a couple of classes here at Heritage already use the website, such as Journalism and AP Microeconomics. The goal is to have the whole school using Gaggle by next year. After checking out the website, I think it’s a smart move because it will save many people time, money, and even frustration because the days of keeping up with flash drives will be over.