Sarah Mason, Co Editor-In-Chief

Many of you already know the controversy over The Interview. This movie stars Seth Rogen (Aaron Rapoport) and James Franco (Dave Skylark) and portrays an interviewer and producer behind “Skylark Tonight” who land an interview with Kim Jong Un, who happens to be a fan of the show. Once the FBI catches wind of this news, they contact Skylark and Rapoport and ask them to assassinate the young dictator when Skylark interviews him in North Korea. The Interview shows their journey from America to North Korea on their high-risk mission.

Given that the movie stars Seth Rogen and James Franco and that the movie is an R-rated comedy, you can tell that The Interview is grotesque, immature, and inappropriate. So it was no surprise when Sony Pictures was hacked and the person behind it threatened that if The Interview was released into theatres, those same theatres would receive terroristic attacks. Sensitive items were released by the hacker such as unreleased movies and a large number of emails between Sony executives that contained rather unfriendly information on celebrities and even Barack Obama. The first thought was that North Korea was behind this, because it made a whole lot of sense. But Pyongyang denied being behind the attack, and it was soon realized that North Korea was not even capable of such an attack. After further investigation, it’s starting to seem that the whole thing was an inside job. Needless to say, Sony lost around $75 million on The Interview, even though it was released in very small theatres and on Netflix.

To me, it should’ve been an obviously bad idea to make a movie that pokes fun at a very sensitive relationship between the U.S. and a hostile country. The Interview is just downright derogatory and it seems like nearly all of the jokes are in bad taste. However, if you enjoy this kind of humor or you are curious about the film that has caused all of this controversy, you can view The Interview on Netflix. Other than that, there’s nothing to see here folks.