Noah Clayton, News Editor

Heritage High School regularly hosts its annual talent show, and this year was no exception in that regard. However, there were a few variations this time around. One such variation is that the performances this year were actually judged, and prizes were awarded to the top contestants. Everyone was judged except for three acts, which were the performances from both of the HHS dance teams and the musical group Haleigh Bauldwin and the Comets. These groups were in the talent show so the audience could see their skills. The three judges include HHS musical co-director Kyle Conkle, talent show alumna and former HHS student Ali Burger, and Heritage Middle School’s Principal Lusk. These judges scored the contestants based on their presentation, showmanship, performance quality, raw talent, and the audience’s appeal. Once the scores were recorded, they were averaged for the acts’ final scores. Once that process was completed, the top contestants were announced. Maya Jaffar took first place for her musical talent. Marcus Murphy placed second for his beat-boxing skills, and in third place stands the band of Makayla McKibben, Shane Selby, Will Pettigrew, and Philip Amos for their musical performance.

Another difference between this year’s talent show and the previous ones is that there were performances for lip syncing this time around. These performances showcase acts of exaggerated, charade-filled lip syncing of popular songs. They were judged separately from the other performances, and there was a winner specifically for those performances. The winner of the lip sync competition was the duo of Kurt Bacha and Ben Rebne.