Henry Tollett, Staff Writer

Heritage High School offers a variety of classes for students who are looking for their future career.  In the past these career paths have included graphic design, early childhood care and education, architectural drawing and design, engineering, law enforcement and forensic science, marketing, web and digital design, and others.  However, just in time for registration, several new classes will become available next year.  While a class about programming was already available, next year two new courses, “Computer Science Principles” and “Programming, Games, Apps, and Society” will provide a next step in that pathway.  These two courses are designed to introduce students to the kind of things they could be doing with a computer science degree in the future.  With rising interest in what is currently a thriving sector of the economy, it makes good sense for the school to try to interest students in what will likely be at the forefront of the job market for years to come.  Another class to be offered next year will be about the career of an emergency medical responder.  If this sounds interesting to you, consider taking the other classes in the Health Occupation, taught by Mr. Janow.  Another class introduced next year will be “Animal Science/Biotechnology.”  For those of you who’ve taken agriculture, that class will likely pique your interest as well.  All of these classes, on top of the many already available, mean that Heritage students have more opportunities than ever before.  Get out there and find your dream job!