Jami Teems, Staff Writer

With registration for the 2015-2016 school year in full swing, many students will start to pick new electives for next year. For my sophomore year, I got to pick two electives as well as a foreign language. One of my elective classes this semester is Mr. Ingle’s Journalism class. As I have never been in a class like Journalism, I was sort of surprised about how the class worked.

Everyone in Journalism has his or her own individual parts of the General Journal that we must work on independently, but we must also work cohesively as a section or as a newspaper staff as a whole. At the beginning of each month, we have a whole group talk about what days we will have deadlines and when our final deadline is. The final deadline is the absolute last day we can turn anything in for the newspaper. After we set deadline days, each section meets, talks, and plans what each member of that particular section will be writing that month for the General Journal. Each member is required to sell our newspaper at the beginning of the month. Each semester there is a set number of newspapers we are required to sell. This semester it so happens that we are required to sell six copies of the newspaper. The paper version of the General Journal is not the only thing the Journalism staff does over the course of the semester. We also have the online General Journal, and we create the yearbook, The Legacy.

Each day, Monday through Thursday, a new article is posted for the online version of the General Journal. Each section has a different day that their “webline” is put on the website. Monday the Entertainment web line is posted. Tuesday is the Sports webline.  Wednesday is the News webline. Which makes Thursday the It’s Whatever webline. The writing of the webline rotates between the members of a section each week. Each member of our Journalism staff has their own biography on our website.

As well as both versions of the General Journal, the Journalism staff creates The Legacy, our school yearbook. Each grade level is assigned to a group of our staff. We are required to sell advertisements for the back of the yearbook. Although we are just starting placing the underclassmen pictures, the 2015 yearbook has been in the works for months now. I am personally very excited to work on the yearbook.

Since registration for next year is this month, if you are interested in working on the General Journal and The Legacy and working with an awesome group of people, I would recommend signing up for Mr. Ingle’s Journalism class. I personally love this class and will be signing up for it again next year. But before you sign up for this class make sure you are willing to work in teams, have to ability to sell advertising, and have great writing skills. If you have all those qualities, I think this class would be an excellent choice for you.