Noah Clayton, News Editor

The southern region of the United States rarely witnesses snow. In North Georgia, there have been times when an entire year goes by without even a single snowflake falling. So any amount of snow is generally a welcome sight for Heritage students. Aside from the various activities that one can partake in when he or she discovers the white blanket covering the ground, there is another reason to be thankful for as a North Georgia high school student: snow means no school. For the conditions to be right for snow there is a chance that the roads will be plagued with ice in addition to snow. Virtually nobody within the Heritage school district has tires with the traction to deal with any abundance of ice or snow. Also, those who live in the South, especially high school students, have little experience driving in such conditions. Both of these factors usually result in school being cancelled for the day. However, there are days HHS students don’t have to attend school if there hasn’t been any snow. Previously to these days, there hasn’t been any snow, which resulted in a long weekend for Heritage students. It’s almost comical that we only attended the day after the break until school was canceled the following days of the school week due to snow. While there is usually flexibility for students when it comes to classes, Journalism is a little different. We have to put out a printed school newspaper in addition to writing articles for this website. When school is cancelled, the Journalism staff has to catch-up due to the days we missed. For the most part, the printed edition of The General Journal can be managed easily enough. The staff usually has a few weeks to publish each paper, which mean that there is going to be enough time to sort out any complications from a sudden cancelling of school. However in the case of the online edition of The General Journal, there is not such a luxury of time, although if enough of the school week has been canceled, there may be times when we are unable to publish articles on our website. As a rule, articles featured on our site have to involve the school in some way, whether the article is about a school event or achievement, or even if it’s just a student’s or teacher’s perspective on a topic. In the case of the News section, a staff member will have to attend a school event or interview someone in the school, and doing either of these can be difficult when school isn’t in session.