Charles Tola, It's Whatever Editor

Puns are essentially the backbone of comedy; they tend to make people laugh even if they are really bad in quality, or taste and can be made about almost anything that you can think of. That doesn’t mean that you can just throw them around without a care in the world. You have to blend them in with the rest of your comedy if you want to keep any kind of audience interested, but if your stated kind of comedy is solely puns, then it is okay if you use them over and over again without adding any varieties to your content.

To make a pun as hilarious as it could be, it has to be timed right. If you make a pun about a spoon while driving down the highway then you are probably not doing it right. However, if someone is in the car with you eating something with a spoon then it will more than likely be okay to make the joke. Don’t wait too long to make the joke because then it could end up being stale as the moment for the humor has passed.

If you try to remember these few points of information when you go to make a witty statement, then you should be golden and you should be able to make many people laugh until their sides hurt. Enjoy the sea of laughter next time you get a light bulb above your head for a joke. I’m sure it will be de-LIGHT-ful. Pun intended.