Kaitlin KIbble, Staff Writer

Even though everyone thoroughly enjoyed their days off for the inclement weather, all good things eventually have to come to an end. For all students of Catoosa County, there were seven total days missed. It doesn’t really seem like that big of a deal, but there were things that were missed and now have to be made up. One of the biggest concerns is sports.

Spring sports are officially underway, but all the weather definitely put a kink in Heritage’s sports schedule. The baseball team has had to reschedule a ton of games, and now they will be playing seemingly every single day for a while to make up for games missed. Whether it is varsity or junior varsity, the baseball team is officially underway and going strong. The tennis team has yet to play a match (as of press date), and has high hopes of getting to play this week as they are scheduled for three matches. The track team has had one meet, which was held this past Saturday, but did have to reschedule one meet from Thursday, March 3. All of the soccer teams have missed around 20 games combined. Varsity and junior varsity boys and girls will have games almost every day as well.

Due to a monumental amount of rescheduling, our spring athletes definitely have a busy season ahead of them.