Savannah Viars, Staff Writer

The many snow days we had were fun, whether there was actually snow or not. However, now Catoosa schools have to get down to business and make those days up. The dreaded change of starting school at 7:55 has been made. In addition to that we get out of school at 3:30, which means a few minutes were added to each class. While many believe this is completely pointless, you must understand that we are simply trying to make up for total seat time required.

By the looks of the line everyday in the office, students are racking up tardies left and right already. Five minutes could seem miniscule, but remember, it makes all the difference. I strongly recommend waking up earlier than just five minutes, and leave your house much earlier too. Because everyone has to leave earlier, traffic will be bad. Try and beat the traffic, and leave around fifteen minutes earlier instead. If at all possible, I would also avoid the Heritage Middle School area because traffic is worse, and moves much slower here.

Seriously, make a plan and get it together because this change is definitely enforced, and you don’t want to rack up on lunch detentions. Luckily, this change will be over on April 10 and that time frame includes spring break. So, it’s actually even less time than you would think. Hopefully the many tardies will end before that though.