Jami Teems, Staff Writer

Earlier in the week, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, unveiled the new MacBook. Just like Apple’s iPhone, the new MacBook comes in three colors: silver, space gray, and gold. This new MacBook has an abundance of redesigns that make the MacBook even better than it was before.

One new feature is that it only has two ports; a headphone jack and a new type of USB port. This new USB port is called an USB-C port. A USB-C port is one third of the size of a USB port and serves three different purposes. It serves as a single connection point to charge the laptop’s battery, transfer data, and transmit video. For users who want to use their existing, standard USB devices with the laptop, they must use an adapter. An adapter comes with the laptop. But if you have to replace the adapter, it costs $80 on the Apple store.

Another improved element of the MacBook is that Apple has redesigned the keyboard. It now extends to the edges of the laptop. It also has been updated to respond to lighter touches. The surface of each key is now 17% larger and is lit by individual LED lights under each key.

An additional feature that is on the new MacBook, is that the laptop is fanless. This is because the Intel Core M chip only uses 5 watts of power, which generates less heat, therefore not needing a fan which makes the laptop incredibly light. The laptop only weighs two pounds and is only 13.1 mm thick. The new MacBook also has a 12-inch retina display screen.

If you would like one of these new MacBooks, it will run you about $1,299 for a 256 GB & $1,599 for a 512GB. They start to ship out on April 10th.