Charles Tola, It's Whatever Editor

Every year during the spring semester, the big event is announced, the hype gets built up to the point of exploding, and students get out of class to play the most ridiculous game of dodge ball that is witnessed on this planet. Several students sign up to represent their classes with hopes of squashing the others. As most of you know, this very event happened last Friday in our gymnasium. The basic rundown that happens every year is the students go against each other, feelings get hurt, people want revenge, we crown a victor, and then the victorious team goes up against the teachers. Usually.

This year, however, the resulting match between the victors and the teachers didn’t go as planned. We all know the teachers “manipulate” the rules so they have no chance of losing, but this time the result wasn’t their fault. About halfway through the match, the student teams who lost decided that they wanted to get their revenge by getting on the floor to help the teachers. The result was just stacked teams, it was utter chaos. Nobody was following any of the rules: players were crossing the lines, not leaving the floor when they were hit with a ball; they were even screaming at each other. It was the most ridiculous game of dodge ball I have ever seen in my four years at this school. I am almost certain that in future years, no dodge ball game at this school will ever get as crazy as the one we witnessed last week. On the other hand, if they do continue to be as crazy, the administrators could just change the rules to a free-for-all with only one student or teacher winner, but maybe that’s too much chaos.