Trevin Kalick, Staff Writer

The soccer season is underway, and the talk around school is one soccer player: Travis McCarty.  McCarty moved here from Valdosta, Georgia, because his dad accepted a job in Ringgold.  This is his first year at HHS, and he has already made a name for himself.  He has proven that he is one of the better soccer players on the team, even though he was never really that into soccer back in Valdosta.  He has gone from not playing since he was a kid to being a starter for the high school.

Even though McCarty seems to be very good at soccer, he didn’t really start playing until this year.  I asked him if he played soccer at his old school and he gave me a very straight forward answer of “No.”  I was shocked by this, so then I asked him why he tried out for the soccer team here, and he said, “My friends told me I should.”  He should really thank his friends.  Considering his inexperience, I asked him if he was surprised that he made the team, let alone starting.  He said “I was very surprised.”  On top of that, he even got a goal in his first game.

McCarty is a forward for the team, and already has five goals this season.  Even though he is playing very well now, he will definitely not be playing during college.  He is going to Valdosta State University next year, so I asked him if he will be playing soccer there, to which he replied, “No way.”  McCarty has definitely been a great player to have on the team, and he will help us through the rest of the season. Expect a great year from him and the varsity boys’ soccer team.