Kaitlin Kibble, Staff Writer

Over this school year our athletic program has been nothing shy of amazing! Starting in the fall with the second best record in school history to the track team just finishing with the most state qualifiers Heritage has ever had, the HHS Athletic Program has been one that no General could be ashamed of. To add to the awesomeness, last week four Heritage Varsity Cheerleaders signed scholarships to cheer at the collegiate level. Alison Forehand will be “Between the Hedges” as a University of Georgia cheerleader. Brittany Richardson will head to Rome, Georgia, as a Shorter Hawk cheerleader. Brianna Wright will become a Flame at Liberty University, and Caroline Johnson will be cheering on the Tide as she is now an Alabama Cheerleader. All of these girls have been a cheerleader for most of their high school career, if not all four years. These girls have put in a countless number of hours in the gym and on the mat, and these girls have bright futures ahead of them. All four of these girls are not just awesome cheerleaders, but also awesome people in the classroom as well. Who knew that we here at HHS would be able to watch football on Saturdays and see people that we knew in high school on the sidelines of SEC teams and Christian teams cheering on big teams? Whether these girls are going to a big D1 school or going to a small school, each one of these girls are getting to do what they love at the next level. How awesome is that?