Saulye Nichols, News Writer

Ringgold, our closest neighbor and biggest rival, recently visited the Heritage campus for one of the most exciting and anticipated games of the season. Of course, there is only one way to get the student body hyped up: a pep rally!  Not only was everyone ready to play against the Tigers, but they also wanted to beat the other classes in the school-wide spirit contest. The day was shortened, and the students were keyed-up for the announcement that would dismiss everyone to the gym. On the way to the pep rally, the hallways were pure madness. As soon as the students entered the gym, sound of the cheerleaders and dancers, along with the music from the band, was deafening. Each class had a theme that would soon become clear as everyone filed into the room. The freshman wore black and white to represent their theme of “Straight Outta’ Middle School.” Sophomores sported polo shirts and khakis for their preppy theme. There were also plenty of Vineyard Vine cut-out whales floating among them. The juniors wore trash bags to show their theme of “Take out the Trash.” The banging of lids against the trash cans was also a nice touch. Finally, the seniors wore red, white, and blue for their theme. Some of the events during the pep rally include a performance from the dancers and the ongoing spirit contest, which the juniors ended up winning. All in all, the pep rally was a very successful and exciting event.