Finley Brisendine, Sports Editor

A major edition to Heritage High School this year is a new use of the space that was formally known as the “Generals Market.”  Though the Generals Market will be missed, students can now use this space to explore career options and retrieve valuable information about colleges, career paths, high school credit, etc.

This is definitely a well thought-out investment that all high schools should consider as they prepare students for college. Not only can you discover the best type of school that suits your learning needs, but you can also learn about dual enrollment opportunities to earn college credit classes–all while you are still in high school. By talking to the counselors and the office workers in the Career Center, you can consider ideas for high school credit and/or planning ahead for the future.

Along with the Career Center, Heritage High School has also added a number of new career paths that are offered as electives for students. For students who may be interested in computer programming, Heritage now offers classes within that field. These include Computer Science Principals and Programming, Games, and Apps classes. Although the school already has a few computer and technology classes, these courses are great to have more detailed practice in the field of computer programming.

Other new classes that have been added to career paths include Animal Science/Biotechnology, which is an additional class to the agriculture field. The last course that has been added is the Emergency Medical Responder. This will be the fifth part of the health occupational classes, where students can learn hands-on medical tips and treatments for emergency and trauma units.

For 2015-16, Heritage High School has already made many helpful changes including extending career paths and a new “Career Center.” It is clear that Heritage has made wise investments in preparing students to plan for a career path and a future in college.