READY . . . SET . . . JOIN!


Shalee Thompson, News Writer

Have you ever wondered what types of clubs Heritage High has, or whether you wanted to join a club or not? Well, let this year be the year you join a club; don’t be known as that person who never got involved in high school. Not only is joining a club fun, but it’s also very beneficial.

Joining a school club helps you to gain friends with people who have the same interests as you, and within that you get very involved in the school. There are so many different opportunities that come with joining school clubs, such as scholarships, community service hours, and chances to figure out different colleges/careers you may like to look into.

Some people are a little nervous whenever it comes down to joining different things, please don’t stress. There’s nothing scary about it; you do so many fun things within the club. You meet new friends, socialize with people of the same interests, and some clubs compete in state competitions to represent our school.

The clubs here at Heritage rage from many categories: In the Archery Club, sponsored by Coach Shurette, members learn the basic skills it takes to shoot a target and, by working your way up, even bigger shooting targets. Drama Club would be the perfect club for someone who loves acting, singing, and performing. Club sponsors Ms. Murray and Mrs. Cosby would love to see you there. For you people who enjoy spreading God’s word and socializing with teenagers who share the same passion for God, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), would be a great leap of faith if you joined.  And these are just a few of the fine clubs!

Get yourself involved Generals; don’t be shy. Heritage clubs are awesome. Find something that catches your interest and JOIN. There are not many chances to do what you enjoy most within school, so READY . . . SET . . . JOIN!