Noah Clayton, Co-Editor-in-Chief

While we at Heritage High School can publish articles daily on the online edition of “The General Journal,” the same is not true for the print version of the high school newspaper, which is released once a month. This paper is different for a few reasons. One difference is that for the first in at least a few years, Heritage released a September edition of “The General Journal.” Typically, we wait until October to publish the first newspaper, but there was a September edition this year due to the school year starting as early as it did. In fact, this September edition of the newspaper went on sale Tuesday, September 15.

There have been some challenges in the production of this paper. One, mentioned above, is that there has not been as much time to get the paper ready to be released. Normally, the journalism staff here at Heritage has part of August and almost all of September to have the first paper ready to be released. Another obstacle that had to be overcome is the fact that most of the writers this semester have never taken journalism before; they had to learn faster than any class that I have seen. Also, we have removed the “It’s Whatever” section from “The General Journal.” However, this paper still contains some puzzles from that section in the “Entertainment” portion of the newspaper. This should be beneficial to the online edition especially. Every section has to contribute to the online edition of the newspaper. “It’s Whatever” has had difficulty in the past deciding what to write about because in the print edition, the section produced fun activities such as puzzles and word searches. The online “General Journal” is devoted to articles and photographs by the staff.