Saulye Nichols, Staff Writer

“There are two types of pain in this world: the pain of regret and the pain of discipline.” This is what Bill Curry, the football coach for Georgia State University, told the students of Heritage High School when he visited. He came to talk to us about dedication and determination on and off the field. Curry reflected back to his days on a high school football team when he had to play center, the position that nobody wanted, in a sweaty uniform under the scorching sun. He learned dedication from his father, who allowed his sons try out for any sport, but wouldn’t let them quit. He went from being a “fat, lazy kid” to snapping a football to some of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. That journey is when Bill Curry learned the difference between the pains of regret and discipline. When Curry finished a game and knew he could’ve played better, he learned the pain of regret. On the contrary, when he worked so hard at practice that he nearly collapsed, he learned the pain of discipline. Curry also discussed the characteristics of a champion. The traits are singleness of purpose, selflessness, punctuality, toughness, preparedness, and perseverance. Singleness of purpose is having tunnel vision when it comes to your goals. Selflessness is putting others first, punctuality is always being on time, and toughness is never backing down from a challenge. Preparedness is being quick on your feet and perseverance means to never give up. Learning from the lessons that Bill Curry addressed will improve one’s magnanimitas, which is Latin and translates to greatness of spirit.