Kristina Dodd, Staff Writer

Senior Ingrid Brindle has been given the amazing chance to travel to Atlanta Georgia October 1-2 to compete in the 2016 International Youth Symposium. She said she is looking forward to the event because she feels very strongly about protecting the environment. Ingrid maintains that since we, as humans, directly affect the environment, it is our responsibility to take care of it in return.

She has been working in her second block class for over a month to complete her poster, essay, and prepare her presentations. Her poster covered the two projects the Heritage High School Science Club completed last year. The first one was over a shower head project where they received a grant from The North Georgia Electric Membership Cooperation to purchase and distribute 30 Eco-flow shower heads that reduced water use. The second project was the rain barrel project where they converted syrup barrels, donated by Coca-Cola, into rain water storage barrels for home use where the collected water could then be used as needed.

The conference itself will be about climate change, so sub-topics may include technology that could prevent climate change and the different things people do top cause climate change. The judges will be looking for a plan that seems very realistic and applicable and things that are new but reliable. Ingrid will be presenting to people from all over the world, including professors from Germany, Italy, China, South Africa, Brazil, and  the United States

Ingrid is very excited about the event, and she is very confident in herself and her work. Well, Ingrid, we know you will do an amazing job. Good luck!