Noah Clayton, Co-Editor-in-Chief

High School dances are known to be more formal than their middle school counterparts. Whereas the former focus more so on dressing up and elaborate dances, the latter is more modest and focuses on spending time with friends or going on a casual date. The Homecoming Dance that took place on Friday, October 2, in the Heritage High School cafe seems to be more of the lighthearted kind. In some ways, it was more of a way to generally spend time with friends after the football game than a dance.

There were a few ways that the Homecoming Dance could be enjoyed. The most obvious way was, of course, by dancing, which is what most of those who went to the event decided to do. Another way was by talking at the at the cafe tables with some friends. One could also take part in the corn hole games that were set up off to the side from the dancers. Also, if someone brought a toy such as a football to the dance, than that person could play a game of catch with friends. If at any point those who went to the dance became hungry or thirsty, they could purchase some drinks or pizza or satisfy their thirst and hunger. There were plenty of ways to enjoy the dance for those who were not in the mood for a formal dance like prom night.

The disc jockey by the name of DJ D-Whit played the songs for Heritage’s Homecoming Dance. “Hit the Quan” by iHeartMemphis, “Flex” by Rich Homie Quan, “Where Were You Now” by Justin Bieber feat. Skrillex and Diplo, and “Turn Down for What” by Lil Jon are just some examples of the myriad of songs that were played at the dance.