Emily Wiley, Staff Writer

The homecoming game always promises a day of spirit and excitement for any school, but our homecoming game against the number one ranked football team, the Cartersville Hurricanes, had a different kind of anticipation with it.  Late into the fourth quarter, it seemed as if there was no reason to stay and watch the rest of the game.  That all changed when a time out was called, and the observers in the stands heard the name Logan Pickett as he ran onto the field.

Ever since entering Heritage Middle School, Logan has been one of the biggest, if not the biggest supporter of all things Heritage.  He began his career as the football team manager in sixth grade working with Coach Edwards and Coach Allen. This once shy boy has truly come full circle from filling water bottles to scoring a touchdown!

When Logan entered the game, the crowd came to their feet.  All eyes turned to number seven as the ball was snapped to the quarter back, and he got the hand off.  The path was cleared and Logan ran into the in-zone for a touchdown.  Everyone was ecstatic and cheering.  On the field, even Cartersville players began to make the universal touchdown signal and congratulating him.  The rest of the team flooded onto the field, surrounding Logan.  Despite the cold, rainy weather, Logan said that this was his favorite Heritage sports moment.

In the days following, television programs covered this amazing story.  When he was asked how he felt about being on television, a small smile came onto his face, and he told me that it was awesome.  This is sure to be one of the best things to happen in Logan’s senior year.  He also mentioned he would like to see the Generals make it to the playoffs.