S. Thompson

McClain Moore

Shalee Thompson, Staff Writer

For anyone who hasn’t joined a club here at Heritage and is looking for more of a team experience, the bass fishing team is a great place to start.

I got the chance to meet up with Mrs. Richardson, the team sponsor, to ask her a few questions. If you think that you need to be an experienced angler to become one of the team members, you’re wrong. Anyone can join the team; the only requirement is you have to have a boat. Why? Because you need a way of transportation through the lakes.

The team meetings are held at different places each time, but the first meeting will be held February 27 at Lake Guntersville. Club activities include eight tournaments, a cookout in June (at which anglers will be recognized), and meetings in Dalton with pro fishermen and different fishing companies. Team members will be required to attend.

Mrs. Richardson created this team, not only to get kids involved in the school, but also in hopes of adding a big first place win in our school history. Other schools in the area who have bass fishing teams include LFO, Ringgold, Gorden Lee, Ridgeland, Dalton, Trion, Calhoun, and Northwest and Southeast Whitfield. The Northwest Anglers Association approached Hertiage, wanting us to be represented because all of these other schools were already involved.

Fishing sites will include Chickamauga Lake, Guntersville Lake, Lake Nickajack, and Weiss Lake.  The team plans preparing to win by scouting sites the week before competitions to find fishing spots; doing that will give our team the chance to find where the fish are located throughout the lake.