Emily Wiley, Staff Writer

As everyone was getting settled in the bleachers, the Ridgeland High School football team and the Generals’ football team were getting ready to face off for Generals’ last home game of the season.  Heritage started out in Ridgeland’s in zone but quickly got out with some quick passes.  They made their way down the field after running some time off of the clock and found themselves in a tough situation.  Our quarterback threw a pass down the field, but it wasn’t completed.  The Panthers didn’t waste much time.  They ran the majority of the field to kick off the scoring.  They continued to lead the game with a score of 14 to 7 in the second quarter.  With the combination of Ridgeland’s hyper aggressive defense and strong running game, Heritage couldn’t grab the lead.

Going into the second half, everyone knew anything could happen.  The two teams continued to score making the score 28 to 21 in favor of the Panthers, but there was still a chance for Heritage to come back.  There was still much time left in the game, and the scoring continued even late into the game.   Their skilled running and passing was enough to give any Heritage fan enough hope that they could come back, although the damage was done.  After some incomplete passes and turn overs, there would be no coming back for the Generals.  They finished the game with a score of 35 to 21.