Shalee Thompson, Staff Writer

Red Ribbon week starts today, Generals.  It’s a week filled with fun and different events. Although this week is filled with exciting events, there is a great meaning behind it all.

The meaning is to live being drug-free. Awareness Week (Red Ribbon Week) is a big deal to many, including parents, because it helps teenagers to be encouraged into doing the right things rather than being led down a wrong path, giving into peer pressure, or just winding up in a giant mess. Red Ribbon Week gives students the opportunity to have fun throughout the week and to learn what it means to live drug free. Each day of the week includes different themes that may even include ideas that explain something from being drug-free.

Starting Monday, students are invited to sign the big red poster out in the hallway. The poster is called “Be the Wall,” which is for the teenagers in our school who are living drug-free right now and who will be living drug-free for the rest of their lives. Tuesday, Ms. Bass will be handing out pens with styluses attached to the ends of them.  The point of the pen is “Rx Drug Abuse: It’s Not What the Doctor Ordered.”  Coming around to Wednesday, there will be a jar of M&Ms out on a table, and you can go and try to take a guess at how many are in the jar. On Thursday, Generals need to wear red to support Red Ribbon week; don’t be afraid to go all-out for drug awareness.