Emily Wiley, Staff Writer

Being a freshman who plays sports can be a very intimidating thing, but in the case of Hannah Smith, she is paving the way to having an excellent career here at Heritage.  Ever since her sixth grade year in middle school where she dominated on cross country, she has been running and is now ranked very well as a freshman.  Even though she excels at running, swimming is her favorite sport, which she has been doing for seven years.  We can expect much this swimming season with this proud swimmer coming up. When asked about having any interest in doing sports in college she replied, “[I] definitely want to try to swim and run in college, maybe with scholarships.”  Her favorite sport to watch is football.  Specifically, she enjoys to watch Georgia football, which is her family’s favorite college team.

Even though Hannah has a very sports-involved life, she also does many other things.  Having the space for one to roam, she owns a horse that she has to take care of.  Also, the Smith family has a dog that wonders around their property.  Hannah is also involved in her church and their youth.  Attending many of the events they hold, Hannah has been involved there for years.  She has two siblings: an older and a younger brother.  She says that they can be annoying on a regular basis, but they usually are pretty great when they need to be.  Hannah may have a lot going on, but there is no doubt that she is taking full advantage of her freshman year.