Noah Clayton, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Being invited to the National Beta Club is an honor that not every student attains. In addition to completing service projects, the members of the Beta Club must attend an induction ceremony. This ceremony took place on Thursday, October 29 in the theater. Students’ friends, family, and loved ones all attended this event. The total number of students inducted in this event amounts to 69 students.

The Beta Induction ceremony started off by seating the inductees based on alphabetical order by last name. After these inductees were seated, Beta club President Noah Wolfe, Vice President Logan Bennett, Secretary Vitaliy Popovych, Treasurer Michelle Lin, and Member at Large Callie Townley all made their opening comments to inform the inductees of their responsibilities and what it means to be a member of the Beta club.

After this, the new members were called alphabetically to sign a book containing names of previous Beta members. The inductee would then walk to have his or her shirt pinned before receiving a candle for the remainder of the ceremony and a certificate for the new members to remind them of their achievement. After this, the students lit one another’s candles and proceeded to walk out of the theater and into the gym lobby. Once they were in the gym lobby, the new members were instructed to put out their candles and place them in a box that sat near the door they exited through. The inductees’ parents and loved ones soon entered the gym lobby as well, and everyone enjoyed refreshments.