Jordan Templeton, Staff Writer

This past Friday was Senior Night, which means it was the seniors’ last game at home that they will ever play. Before the game, the senior football players, cheerleaders, and dancers were all on the field and they were cheered on for everything that they have done for our school for the past 4 years. It was truly a very memorable moment that I’m sure they will never forget. Although the team did lose to Northwest, nothing was going to bring down the Generals’ spirit.

I got the chance to interview Coach Slaughter about the game, and he felt like the team really came out flat. He said that they didn’t have much energy, and that they played poorly all around. I also asked him about the Generals’ next opponent, Gilmer County, and he said that they do a lot of things that are difficult to prepare for. Coach Slaughter said that they are really big up front, but their offense is very one-dimensional.

Coach Slaughter also had a very special message for the seniors. He wants to thank everyone for all of their hard work and dedication that they have put in over the past four years. He wishes them luck in the future, with their families, their jobs, and with life in general. We are all going to miss the seniors class, and we all hope the rest of your senior year is very memorable and amazing.