Selfie in Front of the Governor’s Mansion, Atlanta, GA

Kristina Dodd, Staff Writer

Our principal, Ronnie Bradford, was invited by Nathan Deal, the Governor of Georgia, to attend a full meeting of Governor’s Education Advisory Board. This meeting was an opportunity for Mr. Bradford to share his “invaluable” opinion, as said by our Governor. During this meeting, The Advisory Board made recommendations to another group called The Education Reform Commission. Some of the major points the Governor wanted to focus on were grades 0-3, pre-kindergarten education, funding education, Move On When Ready, and recruiting highly educated teachers. This was the first time Mr. Bradford had been to the Governor’s mansion, so it was a big deal/Deal (Get it?). He stated, “To meet the Governor and his wife in their house was cool. At the mansion they had two rocking chairs; one said ‘Governor’ and the other said ‘Mrs. Governor,’ and that was neat.” Mr. Bradford is hoping things discussed during the meeting will benefit Heritage, such as the Move On When Ready program to help give high school students more college credit, and some ways they are planning to fund education in Georgia will impact everyone. Certainly that will be a good thing, to fund more things Heritage students want to participate in. Although Mr. Bradford said he wasn’t nervous–because he went to school and studied for such things, so he’s confident about what he was saying–I think he was still a little nervous. Who wouldn’t be in the presence of The Governor and his wife? I know I would be!  All-in-all, Principal Bradford said he had a great time.