HOT SINGLES 11.10.15

HOT SINGLES 11.10.15

Chloe Thompson, Staff Writer

“Focus” – Ariana Grande

It’s just like Ariana to come out with an upbeat love song like this: super catchy and highly recommended.


“Army” – Ellie Goulding

Ellie has been big since her hit, “Lights,” but I’ve found this one to be more relatable than her older work.


“Reality” – Lost Frequencies

This song is incredibly cute! It makes the stresses of growing up seem less scary in an upbeat sort of way.


“Touch” – Pia Mia

“Touch” is kind of a sad song. It sounds too desperate if you ask me.


“Hello” – Adele

Adele has always had a gift in making music that makes you miss someone from your past. Ladies and gentleman, Adele has done it again with this fantastic.