Saulye Nichols, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is a time of food, family gathering, and being thankful for all the good things in life. It’s a time where families come together to remember good memories and mingle, but mostly to pig out on turkey and dressing. However, some people aren’t as lucky as the rest of us. They might not get the opportunity to get the family together and or even have a decent meal. The giving spirit of Christmas doesn’t have to be just for December; it can stretch into the turkey season too. Heritage High School is having their annual Thanksgiving food drive, which started on Friday, October 16 and ends on Monday, November 16. All of the food goes to the less fortunate families here at Heritage High School. The drive is sponsored by FBLA and is one of the bigger school wide projects that they undertake during the year. This is just like any other food drive, so students are encouraged to bring in canned foods such as beans, corn, and fruit, as well as boxed items such as macaroni and cheese, rice, and other kinds of pasta or main dish items. The students are to bring them to their first block teacher and put them in some kind of collection box, where the food will be collected from as the need arises. The top winners of the drive will get a pizza and coke party as a prize if giving from the heart isn’t enough of an incentive. So go ahead! Start giving!