Noah Clayton, Co-Editor-In-Chief

After going to school on the weekdays for several weeks, an extended break is often appreciated. Thankfully, students at Heritage were able to enjoy a week-long break. The week-long break occurred on the week of Thanksgiving as usual, and it allowed Heritage students to not attend school from the Monday before Thanksgiving to the Friday after Thanksgiving in addition to the typical weekends that students will not be in the school building. This school year, the break took place from November 23 to November 27. This week off from school took the place of what was originally fall break. At one point, Heritage students had a week off well before Thanksgiving, and instead of taking the whole school week of Thanksgiving off, Heritage students would only have a break from the day before Thanksgiving to the day after unless not including the weekend. Thankfully, students now have the entire Thanksgiving week away from school, which allows for easier traveling, and it generally lets students enjoy the holiday more easily.

As someone who travels to Knoxville, Tennessee, during Thanksgiving, the extra time before Thanksgiving is helpful. Having extra days to rest makes traveling out of town more bearable.

Those who were wondering why there was a lack of content on the “General Journal” over the course of last week now have an explanation. It might also be good to know that there will soon be another time where there is a lack of content at the “General Journal.” Now, students have to attend school for the rest of this week in addition to two more school weeks until Christmas break. When including the weekends, students will have another break from December 19 to January 4 of next year.