Shalee Thompson, Staff Writer

Cold weather, fuzzy socks, thick blankets, hot chocolate, and coffee–all describe the great things that come along with the month of December. Generals, Heritage High School now has a coffee shop!  Yes, a coffee shop! I’m here to give you further details about the new school coffee shop.

I caught up with Mrs. Roddy and asked her a few questions about this coffee shop, and why they decided to open it. The shop opens at 7:30 a.m. and it closes at 8:00 a.m. the coffee or hot chocolate which ever you are in the mood for that morning, is $2.00 a cup. To me that’s a great deal for a morning boost.

This shop is run by a non-profit organization called Service Leadership which is a class that will be held in the spring sometime. I was also told that the coffee shop was to help with school service projects.

I feel this is a great idea to add into the school. It keeps students from being late to school, because they now can buy their coffee/hot chocolate at school instead of buying it on the way to school. I’m sure this shop is having a great turn out already, and I hope they continue this coffee shop in the future for those upcoming caffeine addicts.

Teachers, staff, faculty, and students of Heritage. Come on down to the concession stand down by the gym and grab yourself a cup or two of hot chocolate or coffee to make your morning a little warmer. I’ll even suggest bringing it in a thermos to keep it safe and warm. We wouldn’t want that to go to waste, now would we?