Finley Brisendine, Noah Clayton

It is officially that time of the year again.  Yes, it’s Christmas, but don’t get too ahead of yourself.  It is also time for the Georgia Milestone.  We have all been there, cramming for finals at the very last minute when all we want to do is get in the Christmas spirit.  As last year’s tests were more of a trial run, this year the EOC will count for twenty percent of a student’s grade, so studying would definitely be wise at this juncture.

The pressure is on for finals this year based on the new, and rigorous standardized tests that were seen for the very first time by students last year.  The new Georgia Milestone has many open-ended and structured responses for math and language, rather that strictly multiple choice questions that are used for better assessment on individual students.  It is a large adjustment for students, and will take a considerable amount of time to become comfortable with the testing format. Because of this, the state understands that students are adapting, so pencil and paper is still being used as a backup until the transition time is over.

Students of this generation have been taking tests on paper and in booklets for the majority of their school years, but technology is definitely changing things, and testing is one of those things. Statistics show that students are more successful when they have paper in front of them to write down answers, rather than looking at a computer screen. Students obviously aren’t challenged when it comes to technology, so it shouldn’t take long for the online testing to be completely underway. The new Georgia Milestone is an actual milestone for everyone, so study up, and happy testing season!