Sydney Shaver, Staff Writer

Last Sunday, Disney XD picked eight kids to play the new “Mario Kart 8.” They first picked a partner, sat down, and each played one round of the game. What they didn’t know was that four “Web-Celebs,” including Sethbling, Strawburry17, Black Nerd, and Atomic Mari, were in the house.  When the rounds were over, the 4 Web-Celebs came out and each picked players. Then each team met in private to talk strategy and pick a name. Sethbling’s team was the yellow team called “Yellow Jackets.” Black Nerd had the blue team, and they called themselves “Throw Back.” Atomic Mari’s team was the purple team, and they named themselves “Dragon Fury Soup.” Stawburry17 had the red team, which was called “Redemption.”   The first round consisted of each player playing one round each with the top two teams moving onto the finals. The scoring was based on the number of points given to each placement on the board (e.g. If you were first, you got 15 points). The top two teams were Redemption and Dragon Fury Soup, with Dragon Fury Soup in first place. The finals were intense as Dragon Fury Soup began to fall behind after the scores were erased. During the absolute final round, they kept falling off the course and losing places to Redemption. Because of this, Redemption pulled out on top. Strawburry17 went from total last without her team to coming out on top to win the trophy.