Shalee Thompson, Staff Writer

Multi-colored sweaters, with a huge snowman dangling from a reindeer’s antler, aren’t your typical everyday types of sweaters… now are they? That’s exactly right, its not. Today Generals, is Tacky Christmas sweater day. Challenge your friends to who has the tackiest sweater, or have fun taking selfies, or maybe you just want to enjoy a nice tacky sweater party in your favorite teacher’s classroom.

This is Heritages 8 annual tacky holiday sweater day. Never less to say, it’s a tradition here at HHS. While having a blast wearing all the tacky sweaters, there’s actually some fun facts behind it all. Studies have shown, that students who wear tacky Christmas sweaters make better and higher grades, make more friends, and will make a lot more money in their careers, and much much more.

What is your sweater going to look like? Red with a huge Santa Clause beard, and gold tinsel wrapped everywhere else … or maybe even like two different shades of pinks, with ordainments hanging everywhere with cats trying to play with them. Oh wait!! What about one that says, “happy holla days” man that’s cleaver! Wow, I can’t believe I forgot… maybe you’re one of those people who like to be super creative when it comes to tacky sweaters, so you design your own. Making it look like, a red vest with silver tinsel outlining the outside edges with giant bows and candy canes hanging around it all. Whose knows what we will see Generals, just be sure and make it super tacky.

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