Jordan Templeton, Staff Writer

With the boys’ and girls’ soccer and tennis seasons starting soon, many people wonder how all the teams will do this year. I recently interviewed Coach Miller and Coach Robinson on their expectations of the upcoming season, and they had some interesting things to say. Mr. Miller hopes that the boys’ tennis team will make state again this year, but he said that this year is going to be a year of rebuilding. After losing three seniors and many others–along with having only 3 returning players–it definitely seems like this season could be a challenge. I also asked him how he thinks the girls’ tennis season will go, and he thinks that they will have an excellent season.  Coach Miller said that the girls should definitely win the region, and he thinks they could go even further than that. After finishing in second place in the region last year, the girls should definitely have a lot of confidence heading into the upcoming season.

I also interviewed Ms. Robinson on her expectations for the girls’ soccer season, she is very confident in the team. She said that the team only lost three seniors coming off of last year’s great season. She also said that the team has gained a good number of new, talented players, and she thinks this year could be a promising one. This season of winter sports could definitely be a great one, and hopefully the teams will meet their expectations.