Noah Clayton, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The schedule of Heritage High School students becomes a little strange after Christmas break. Students come back to Heritage after a two-week-long break, and then they only have two more normal days of school. Teachers rarely cover any new material during these days. They often review what has been taught over the course of the semester, take any last-minute turn-ins, or sometimes a teacher will even give students an extra credit opportunity. After these two days of school, Heritage begins giving final exams. While many students will be in school during finals, there are also those who will not be present. The latter group has Heritage to thank for the extra days off. Heritage is somewhat unique from most schools in the U.S. in that there is an exemption policy for students who meet certain requirements. A student may be exempt from taking the final exam in a class if that student has no more than three absences if the student has an A in the class, if the student has been absent no more than twice and has a B in the class, or if the student has been exempt no more than once and has a C in the class. Sine grades and attendance may vary between classes, so can the exemption status of the final exemption status. On Wednesday, January 6, students will take their final exams for their first and second block classes, and on Thursday, January 7, students will take their final exams for their third and fourth block classes. Finally, on Friday, January 8, finals will be over, and students will have the day off regardless of any exemption status.