Trevin’s Back!


Nolan Skiles and Elliot Bennett

Ladies and gentlemen, he’s back! The famed talent himself, Trevin Kalick, is back and ready for action. The newspaper has missed him dearly, and so have the readers. His editing prowess is unmatched when it comes to sports journalism, so it’s a relief he’s back with a promotion. Trevin has missed the newspaper as well, calling sports his passion in life. I guess that’s why he’s so good at writing about them! He says it all started when he was just a little kid. His father, an avid sports fan himself, introduced tiny Trevin to the world of sports and he’s never gone back. He began by watching games with his father, but eventually he began to comprehend everything fully, bringing that comprehension to life through journalism. Journalism has nurtured Trevin’s love for sports and caused it to grow even larger. Sports journalism truly is his calling.

Although Trevin may enjoy his position as editor for the sports section, it is not always easy. Of course, with the position comes extra responsibility, and consequently, extra stress. Deadlines can really stress Trevin out, but that’s completely normal for an editor, for not only does he have his own deadlines, he has to manage his writers’ deadlines as well. Trevin says he has “high expectations” for his team calling them a “great group of writers.” Trevin seems fearless when it comes to sports journalism, ready to face any challenge that comes his way, and I speak for everyone when I say “It’s good to have him back!”