Nolan Skiles, Staff Writer

Heritage basketball season has been going strong, and this week our spotlight player is senior Mike Evans, #12 on the team. Mike has been a member of the team for four years and has enjoyed every minute of it. When asked about how it felt to be the spotlight player this week, I was treated to a burst of laughter. “So I’m the backup player of the week, right? I’m Robin to this school,” said Mike, referencing Batman’s trusty sidekick, as well as his place as sixth man on the team. Of course Mike wasn’t our “Plan B,” but being modest, he honestly didn’t believe that he was our spotlight player.

When asked about how the season had gone for him, knowing as well that it is his last season here at Heritage, he gave a rather sober answer. “Sad”, he said, “These four years … flew b,y, pausing perhaps to reflect on his playing career here at HHS.

After asking about his hopes and predictions for the playoffs this season, Mike was back to being his usual laid back and humorous self. “Very hopeful” he said, “We’ll make it to the Elite 8 at least. Probably even the finals, and maybe we’ll win the NBA Championship. I’d like to beat Steph Curry and the Warriors.”

Mike also has a few pre-game rituals as well as superstitions.  Before a game, Mike can usually be found listening to music to pump himself up. He also mentioned that wearing a short-sleeve shirt under his jersey has become a sort of superstition.