Kaitlyn Lee, Staff Writer

The “great” blizzard of 2016. I know what you’re thinking: “But Katie, we barely got any snow.” Well you’re right, but the East Coast received a very large amount of snow. In fact New York Mayor Bill de Blasio claimed it was one of the worst storms that New York City had ever seen. The National Weather Service claimed the city picked up 26.8 inches of snow, total. Washington also got 20 or so inches. While here in Ringgold, we received a layer of ice. It was neat seeing stories from people in places that were smothered in glorious white happiness, while most of us were probably glaring out our windows hating the world. I know I was. Everyone was so worried, too; we even got out of school early because we were planning on reliving the blizzard of 1993. I guess if you think about it, though, it’s good that we weren’t covered in snow because CNN reported that the great amount of snowfall from New York to Washington to Virginia claimed 38 lives. Also, it took a lot of money to clean up the snow and repair things the snow attacked. The estimated cost of the storm was $2.5 to $3 billion. Afterwards Washington D.C. dished out about $1.4 million dollars worth of parking tickets to cars that were abandoned. So you may be a little envious that these cities got snow and we didn’t, but are you really jealous that it is them who now have to pay $3 billion in repairs instead of you? Looks like just ice isn’t so bad after all.