Ian Shank, Staff Writer

A year has passed since Grammy award winning artist Lecrae released his well received album “Anomaly.” He has now continued his “Church Clothes” mix tape series with “Church Clothes 3.” Artists such as Propaganda, E-40, and KB join Lecrae in some of the new tracks with Propaganda’s appearance on “Gangland” and E-40’s appearance on “Can’t Do You” being the best of the featured artists. While, Lecrae has always been known to dive into deep and mature subjects, he wastes no time diving into those subjects with the first song “Freedom” mentioning how rampant child abuse is within the first few lines. With every new “Church Clothes” mix tape a new “Misconception” song is included on the track list. While the new “Misconception” song, known as “Misconceptions 3,” has some really good performances and lyrics, it is sad to say that the new one is the worst of the three “Misconception” songs. The first “Misconception” had set the bar pretty high, and Lecrae hasn’t been able to top it. I’m also sad to say that this new mix tape isn’t nearly as good as some of Lecrae’s other albums such as “Anomaly” and “After the Music Stops.” While the lyrics are good, the music itself seems worn out, it seems like Lecrae had used outtakes from previous albums, put them in this album and hoped nobody noticed. Lecrae doesn’t offer anything new for this album, and the reason “Anomaly” was so good was that he had put a lot of effort into the album, and it showed. In short, this mixtape wasn’t all that great, but hey … it is what it is.