Hannah Wann, Staff Writer

Calvin Johnson, the star receiver for the Detroit Lions, decided before it started that this would be his last season as an NFL player. He kept his decision under wraps – until now. The day after the regular season ended, Johnson informed Coach Jim Caldwell of his decision to retire. While Caldwell advised Johnson not to rush in deciding–and Johnson agreed out of respect for his coach– a source close to Johnson stated that, “He’s pretty  content with his decision.” However, his teammates haven’t given up hope just yet. His retirement may seem premature, but Johnson has been in the NFL for nine seasons and suffered lingering injuries as well as general body soreness that would make it difficult for him to return, even at only 30 years old. Before the news went public, Johnson confided in only two teammates: quarterback Matthew Stafford and linebacker Stephen Tulloch. Here’s hoping for the Lions that Johnson changes his mind. But if not, I’m sure the team will power through.