Clay Mount, Staff Writer

Heritage High School has been open for business since 2008, gracing students with wisdom. Every year since it’s opening, a talent show has been hosted in its auditorium. All of these shows have been chock full of talent. The show that took place on Thursday, February 4, 2016, was no exception. Heavenly vocals combined with graceful dancing and other personalized talents to make for a great show. Jessica Wells and Lauren Peters, two very well respected art teachers at Heritage High, sought out the best talents after a series of auditions and produced a great show.

The show was hosted by Ben Rebne and Kurt Bacha, making one hilarious duo. These two opened up the stage for the HHS five star dance team, Ashley Taylor, Logan Bennett, Caleb Atkins, Makayla McKibben, Blake Dean, Shane Selby, Alex Smith, Kyle Hullender, Kimi Carter, Lizz Adams, Peyton Lee, Ingrid Brindle, Grace Driskill, Joy Clark, Josh Miles, Cristian Caridad, Nicole Miller, Drew Sherrill, Luke Shehee, Elliot Bennett, Maya Jaffar, Haleigh Bauldwin, Leah Samples, Victoria Sharp, Isaac Leal, Emily LeVan, Emily Capps, Sarah LeVan, Marcus Murphy, Allie Porter, Logan Knight, Morgan Vaughan, Grace James, and Camyrn Haney. Several of these people were in multiple acts. The show, as always, had the students of HHS laughing, mesmerized, and crying. To say the least, the show ran flawlessly, and at the end of the day, the audience and the performers were more than pleased with the show. There is no doubt to the existence of talent at the Taj. Whether it’s on the field, on the stage, or in the classroom, Heritage High School students always bring their best to the table.