Elliot Bennett, Staff Writer

Going into the biggest game of the year, the Denver Broncos were favored against the Carolina Panthers by almost zero commentators. Truthfully, many people expected Cam Newton and his high-scoring offense to crush Denver embarrassingly in a similar fashion to the battering they received from the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl only two years prior. The doubters and non-believers all failed to take one thing into account: the Denver defense. Shutting down an MVP quarterback with a widespread reputation of being elusive and quick on his feet is no easy task; however, if anyone could do it, it would have to be the number one defense in the league. Stepping onto the field as underdogs was a mere inspiration, for there was no doubt in the minds of the Broncos. They knew they would be walking away champions of the world.

Super Bowl 50 began with an impressive offensive drive led by none other than Peyton Manning. Although the possession ended with only three points collected by Brandon McManus, it was a good start that put Denver on the scoreboard. Still early in the first quarter Von Miller proved just how badly he wanted to win when he stripped Cam Newton of the football ending in a touchdown for the Broncos. The rest of the game proved to be the most impressive display of a defense in Super Bowl history. Sacking Newton six times and holding Carolina’s imposing offense to 10 points won the game for Denver and demonstrated the widely repeated phrase, “defense wins championships.”