Noah Clayton, Co-Editor-In-Chief

There is a writing opportunity currently available to the students of Heritage High school, and that opportunity comes in the form of the Young Georgia Authors Writing Competition.

There is a variety of forms of writing that can be entered into the competition. It is possible to submit a short story, poem, essay, literary criticism, literary analysis, journalistic piece, or even a personal narrative.

While there is plenty of freedom in what may be submitted, there are also some requirements to be met for submission. Although there are so many options for submission, a participant may only submit one piece of writing. This means that it might be a good idea to understand what the submitter’s greatest strength is in regards to different forms of writing. Also, the work that is to be submitted must be no longer than five pages. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the entries are all due on Friday, February 26. In addition to the restrictions, there are also some preferred ways of turning in the entry. One preference is that the entry is typed in a word document. More specifically, it is best that the piece is double-spaced and in the standard 12-point, Times New Roman font. Finally, the entry should be submitted electronically whether that means on a flash drive, CD, or via Email.

While there may be an abundance of entries, only one piece per grade will be selected for a total of four entries. These selected pieces of writing will be sent to the county level for further judgment.

You can pick up the rules and an entry form from Dr. Ingle in Room 1218.