Clay Mount, Staff Writer

Heritage High School has a multitude of various clubs. Each of the club members and sponsors works tirelessly to achieve the goals that they set. An example of one of these clubs is the Future Farmers of America, better known by its acronym, FFA.  On Friday, February 26, 2016, this club will culminate one highly anticipated week.  At Heritage, this week is formally known as “National FFA Week.” The sponsor of FFA and esteemed agricultural teacher, Ms. Shearer, as well as the many members of FFA, have worked since Monday, February 22, 2016, to carry out this very special week for our school. Ms. Shearer said, “Future Farmers of America was established in 1928, and after the membership started to grow, they decided to do National FFA Week.”  She further stated that, “The National FFA Week is a chance for FFA chapters to show some of what Future Farmers of America is all about.”  Throughout this week the FFA clan has hosted such events as a milkshake mustache contest and agricultural trivia competitions, as well as handing out agricultural facts along with Hersey’s kisses. The Hersey’s kisses and AG facts are referred to by Ms. Shearer as “a kiss from a farmer.” The people of Catoosa County need not worry: the future farmers of this area have bright and prosperous careers ahead of them. This is no surprise since they have been taught by such a nice and wise teacher as Ms. Shearer.