Noah Clayton, Editor-in-Chief

High school comes with its own experiences and memories. There are a few ways of remembering such times in high school. One such way comes in the form of a class ring. There was a meeting for information on these class rings on Thursday, February 25 for Heritage High School sophomores.

Students this year have some more choice in the appearance of their rings when compared to previous years. Last year, Jostens, the company that makes the high school class rings, revealed their option to have the class rings in Shadowcast. Shadowcast is a black metal which students may opt to have instead of the traditional gold and silver color schemes. This year, Jostens unveiled two new casts: Firecast and Camocast. The Firecast variant is a White Lustrium Ring that has color resembling copper via a vapor deposition. Camocast is achieved by adding a coating to the ring, and the visual results look as any reasonable person would expect. There are multiple options of Camocast. These options all have the tree-like pattern and can have backgrounds in white, pink, green, or black. In addition to the new casts available to students this school year, there are also new stones to choose from. These stones include the following: malachite, tiger’s eye, pietersite, carnelian, hematite, lapis, jade, turquoise, and dinosaur bone. In addition to these stones, students may also choose to have a camo stone included in a class ring. These rings come in the same pattern and colors as the Camocast metal.

While many students like to have class rings, there is an alternative. This alternative comes in the form of class tags. These tags can be two or four millimeters thick. They can come in silver, gold, or Shadowcast. The edge of the tag can be a different thickness from the rest of the tag, and it can either have an edge which resembles a rope in its pattern or the tag may include an edge with the school name. The top of the tag may either be stone or metal. The metals come in many patterns. These include hammered, brushed, vine, chevron, and basket weave. In addition to the stones available to the class rings, the tags have more options in regards to camo stones. The tags can come in navy, dark pink, blaze, cardinal, and purple. The blaze pattern is basically an orange color, and cardinal is a shade of red. The tags may also have a sheer ice color, which is a white or black stone with a pattern which resembles ice. As for the center of the tag, it is possible to have a ting top, mascot, activity, expression, or monogram in a similar manner to a class ring. Students also have the same option for the charm that goes with the ring. Students may also customize the jump ring, or it could be left plain. The jump ring can also come in a shape that resembles a rope, or it can have school colors. Once the previous decisions have been made, students need to choose a chain. The chain can be silver, gold, or black, and they can be a 2.5 millimeter small box chain, a 3.5 millimeter large box chain, or a 2.5 millimeter ball chain. Finally, students need to choose the engraving to go with the tag. There are three options in regards to text: split text, text and monogram, and all text. The six lines of text are set of in two sets of three lines. The text and monogram is set off in three lines and a monogram. Finally, the all text has eight lines of text for those who want a message included on the tag.