Vinson Veal, Staff Writer

We all know and love the original cast of the “High School Musical” movie series, but since Disney Channel announced that “High School Musical 4,” pause for a scream of excitement, would not star the original cast, most people were disappointed. It’s hard to picture it without the original stars of HSM, but Disney Channel is trying their best to connect the new with the old, or should I say “original.” The new main character’s names of the new movie are Campbell, Erin, Derek, Nathalie, and Tamara. Campbell is Troy Bolton 2.0 and just so happens to be the cousin of Sharpay and Ryan Evans from the original cast. Erin is a girl who plays on the boy’s soccer team, but has caught herself in a love triangle between Campbell and the bad-boy with a soft heart, Derek. Nathalie is Erin’s BFF and a part of the cheerleading team. Tamara is East High’s former queen bee and member of the cheer team that is trying to reach her popularity once again. Right now, no one has been cast for the main characters just yet. Therefore, maybe one of you might have the lucky chance to be one of the stars of one of your most beloved childhood movies. No information regarding the return of any original stars has been released, but we are all hoping that that announcement will come soon. The release date of HSM 4 has yet to be announced, but hopefully it will air in the next year or so. Seeing that not much info about the plot has been revealed, I’m curious as to if “High School Musical 4” will truly be a “High School Musical.”