Emily Blevins, Entertainment Editor

Like many others, the “General Journal” Entertainment staff has been waiting anxiously for the new Netflix series “Fuller House” to debut. Essentially, different writers in our staff have published articles in the past about the new show, but only before it was actually released.  Now that the show has aired, we find it necessary to provide a little bit of insight.


With that being said, I was really excited for the new show to begin airing, as I have been an original “Full House” fan ever since I can remember. And although I was ready to watch the first episode and season as soon as they came out, my expectations were really not that high. Honestly, I am probably a bit biased towards the classic “Full House” show, and I didn’t–and still do not–really feel that it could be topped with any kind of sequel. However, after seeing almost the entire first season, I do feel that the show turned out pretty good, and I actually like most of the ideas that shine through the new plot-line.


In my opinion, the creators of this sequel tried to subtlety create a very similar story to the original, but obviously with the younger characters as adults. After watching the first few episodes, you can see that DJ is plays a very similar role to Danny’s previous character, in that she is a single, widowed parent who needs help raising her children, not to mention that she is living in the same house where Danny raised her. DJ’s younger sister Stephanie plays the original role of Uncle Jesse; she basically drops everything and comes to the rescue as a close relative in hopes of providing help in raising the kids. Uncle Joey’s original role is portrayed by DJ’s close friend Kimmy Gibbler who decides to offer help as well, just as Joey did for Danny.

Overall, I personally think that the new series is pretty entertaining. It provides a well-balanced combination of comedy and romance, and it reaches younger and older viewers as well. I would recommend this show to anyone who wants to relive a little bit of their childhood with a modern twist. Although I don’t think that this sequel could ever be as good as the original, I am excited to see what the future seasons will bring for this new show.