Clay Mount, Staff Writer

Do Heritage High School students have talent? The answer is yes! The Skills USA troops at HHS are going to the Atlanta convention center on Thursday, March 17. There are many different groups of people going: graphic design, public safety, quiz bowl, broadcasting, and architectural groups, just to name a few.  They get checked in Thursday at their hotel, and later that night they head to a giant rally of thousands of Skills students where they get to hear several speakers. Friday is the day when all-out war begins. Students from all different walks of life will face off in a number of different competitions, and the students go all out. Mrs. Byrd, the graphics design teacher and a Skills sponsor at HHS, said, “There are businesses at competition that set up different skills demos.” One of these skills demos includes students commandeering bulldozers! In past competitions there has even been a fake news set for broadcasting and a fake loose criminal on a school bus for the tactical team to catch! The Skills troops will leave competition on Saturday, March 19, after the anxiously anticipated awards ceremony. Heritage has progressed to nationals on multiple occasions, and I am sure they can do it again. One thing is for sure: Heritage High School’s many different  Skills students are very gifted, and that is probably why they have made it this far.